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Smart, laser-focused advertising. Assertive copy writing. Event planning and organizing. Striking senior speakers and entertainers.

Studio Photographer
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Seminars and workshops covering the hottest topics. Tailored training to your marketing and sales force by star senior marketers and sales pros.

Lecture Room
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E-commerce of your products and services to a powerful and expanding senior market.

Senior Businesswoman
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Latest information and market intelligence.  Face-to-face marketing surveys in your area. 

Senior Digital Programmer
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Event Planning: Assistance with organizing and coordinating events, workshops, and seminars. Copywriting: Writing compelling content for websites, marketing materials, and promotional campaigns. Graphic Design: Creating visually appealing logos, branding materials, and digital assets. Product Design: Developing and refining products to meet market needs and enhance competitiveness. Web Page Management: Maintaining and updating websites to ensure they remain current and functional. Software Solutions: Providing or recommending software solutions to streamline business operations. Equipment Procurement: Advising on and sourcing necessary equipment for business operations. Project Development: Assisting with the planning, execution, and management of new projects or initiatives. Financial Services: Providing accounting, bookkeeping, and financial consulting services. Legal Services: Offering legal advice, contract drafting, and compliance support. Human Resources: Assisting with HR management, including hiring, training, and employee relations. Customer Service: Providing customer support and handling inquiries or complaints. Social Media Management: Managing social media accounts, creating content, and running campaigns. E-commerce Support: Setting up and optimizing online stores, including payment processing and logistics. Market Research: Conducting market analysis, competitor research, and customer surveys. Public Relations: Managing public relations campaigns, media relations, and press releases. Health and Safety Compliance: Ensuring businesses meet health and safety standards and regulations. Environmental Sustainability: Consulting on eco-friendly practices and sustainability initiatives. Business Coaching: Providing ongoing guidance and support for business growth and development. IT Support: Offering technical support, cybersecurity services, and IT infrastructure management. These services cover a wide range of needs and challenges that small businesses may face, from operational and marketing support to legal and financial guidance, fostering growth and success.

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