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Turning Ageism into Opportunity

Updated: Jun 14

A harsh reality awaits job seekers over 50. Despite my extensive experience, at age 65, I was dismissed from a job screening process because I was "overqualified." This disguised age discrimination was disheartening, but my wife, knowing my indomitable spirit, assured me we would find a better solution. Once again, I opted for entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship offers financial independence and security. It allows seniors to use their skills and experience to create new income streams and build businesses that support them, with the added benefit of attaining personal fulfillment.

Starting a business is inherently challenging, especially for seniors. They often face limited access to capital, a lack of modern business skills, and health limitations.

Recognizing these challenges, I founded Farout to provide a supportive network for senior entrepreneurs. Our mission is to inspire and empower seniors to turn their experience into successful ventures. We provide resources, mentorship, and a community that believes age should never be a barrier to success.

Join us. Let's turn ageism into empowerment and challenges into opportunities for growth, financial stability, and a sense of achievement. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the world.

Jorge del CarpioFar Out Founder

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Grande Jorge, felicitaciones. Whish you the best.

Far Out
Far Out
10 de jun.
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Mi querido Javier! Por lo menos veo que los mensajes están funcionando 😂 Porfa ayúdame a difundir la página.

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