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Jorge del Carpio

In the mid-90s, I introduced mobile telephony to Bolivia as the commercial director of the country's first mobile operator. 

I then founded a company that helped people create powerful presentations using the then-new PowerPoint application, which became popular with high-level government officials and executives.


I pioneered variable data printing (VDP) for banks, utilities, and other clients, enabling personalized printing with text, graphics, and images. In the early 2000s,


I founded a company to provide food to military troops eradicating coca crops in Bolivia, delivering 15,000 rations over a seven year contract with the U.S. Embassy.


At the invitation of the Chilean government, I implemented proprietary technology to make yarns from llama fiber, producing and selling soft, silky yarns to hand knitters worldwide.


At age 65, I  was invited to found Far Out at the University of Southern Illinois. Far Out empowers seniors to transform their lives through entrepreneurship by providing education, resources, community support and mentorship to enable them to thrive as entrepreneurs and make a lasting impact in their communities.

Through my entrepreneurial journey, I have created over 500 jobs and improved the living conditions of poor people in Bolivia. 

Entrepreneurship is an integral part of who I am.

The journey of senior entrepreneur Jorge del Carpio, founder of Far Out
Research and Development performed by Fibras Andinas yields a fire safe yarn for clothing.
Fibras Andinas Chile pioneering the production of exotic lama fibers in Chile.
Introducing the Ultima Llama Bean to the global market
"Innovation Against Poverty is the goal of Fibras Andinas, improving the lives of poor alpaca growers in the Andes

Presenting the first production of Fibras Andinas Chile to president Sebastián Piñera.


Jorge del Carpio named Personality of the Year in Arica Parinacota Region


The governor of Arica Manuel Barbosa visiting Fibras Andinas.


Promoting international interchange among college entreprenurs


New camelid fiber production technologies developed by Fibras Andinas


President of Chilean Entrepreneurs Association in the Arica Tarapaca Region


Fibras Andinas featured in international trade publication Wild Fibers Magazine


1st Place Innovatic Bolivia Award for Entrepreneurship 

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